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The Most Common Productivity Killers in the Workplace and How Frontier Tackles Them

Top productivity killers at the office (from INC). Take a look at the infographic then read what’s below!


MEETINGS: Frontier recently took steps to cut down on its meetings, we now only have 4 hours of dedicated meeting time per week called ‘cooking time’ where we cook up all manner of things. Other times we like to keep meetings to a necessary minimum. Individual teams decide how much meeting time they need, and also decide how much time individual members need to be at office for the week.

EMAIL: We’ve recently switched to and really like our new work management system; Asana. It has seriously cut down on the amount of email we send internally and helps us focus on important items of work.

TRAVELING: We’ve always had policies that make traveling to and from work as easy as possible. Our ‘office hours’ as determined by each team on a need-basis almost always avoid rush hour traffic and bustle. At other times, team members can work from whereever they like!

SURFING THE NET: This is the only thing we have not, and don’t intend on, taking any steps to collectively address. Team members are free to let their surfing habits inhibit or enhance their work, wherever they are. We do however share tips to help with ‘Internet addiction’! Hey, we’ve all got a bit of it nowadays. Admitting it is the first step!

The Frontier Way

frontier way

What is the ‘Frontier Way’? We like to think of it as something that encompasses everything we do here at work. How we work, our culture and how we relate to our clients. As with everything else we do, we aim for the utmost simplicity and have boiled it down to four key concepts.

1. We help all stakeholders make the BEST CHOICE, even if that is not with Frontier.

We believe that the right thing to do is to maximize the benefit of all our stakeholders, therefore if we feel clients will be better served by others, we direct them there. If employees will have better prospects in other firms or industries, we try our best to get them placements elsewhere.

2. We are an ENTREPRENEURIAL firm, and we encourage an entrepreneurial mindset among our team.

Entrepreneurship means being independent, responsible for your actions and prepared to directly face the consequences of bad decisions. It also entail being able to cope with uncertainty and risk, and being able to be your own boss.

3. We Value EFFECTIVENESS not Effort.

We believe you can choose to work smart or choose to work hard, or to do both. However you choose to work, Frontier values the output and not the hours put in or face time.  We provide maximum flexibility possible for our employees to structure their work exactly how they want, measuring results only.

4. We INSPIRE others to think about work more like we do

While we are driven by a set of value choices that are unique, our journey is inspired by the purpose driven path led by a diverse group of institutions including Semco, Netflix, Google and 37 Signals. As such, we plan to grow in size and profitability, not as an end in itself, but as a means to encourage others to think about work more like we do.

These are the broad tenants that currently guide us along the path to our goals. Frontier, fundamentally, is about work culture and choice driven environments. But often we find that frameworks and models can change as we move along, and we fully realize and welcome that possibility for the above as well.