At Frontier, Expertise trumps Position

While in the past Frontier has worked with quite a flat hierarchy, in recent times with the expansion of the team we have added a few more layers to the flow of responsibilities. We now have team leaders who are in charge of different teams within Frontier, i.e. Econ, Equity and Information curation & Business development.

Amal, our CEO now works more as a coach as opposed to a team leader, taking responsibility of the overall growth strategy, direction and diversification of the company. The three team leaders are responsible for the specific work in each sub-area. They have the freedom to decide and delegate work among their team members. Amal, as the coach, provides guidance on the broad directions of work.

Once the team leader decides the overall work targets for each team for a specific period of time, e.g. special reports, events, presentations etc., the work is then delegated among various team members within each team. The delegation is done based on team members’ capacity, skills and willingness to take on work.

While team leaders are responsible for the overall performance of the team and for the overall quality and accuracy of the work, every team member within each team is responsible for the work they take on. With that comes the responsibility of representing the work they have done – may it be presenting them to clients, writing/publishing a report, or media representation etc.

Basically, expertise is shared at frontier – each team member has a particular area they are specialized in. So often times, when Frontier gets requests to address a conference or make a media presence on a particular topic, the team member who is most knowledgeable on the topic and capable and willing to handle the responsibility is given the opportunity to represent Frontier, rather than Amal always taking on the responsibility as was the case in the early years. We believe this adds more value both to media output as well as to Frontier.

These media representations are some of the instances where different team members expressed their views on their specialized areas;


Travis on understanding the Key performance Indicators of Banks:

Travis interviewed by Echelon Magazine on the outlook for the CSE:

Travis was part of a panel discussion organized by UNFPA Sri Lanka on the generational impact of changing demographics in Sri Lanka:


Analysis on the economy with the recent dollar bond issue in FinanceAsia:,sri-lankan-bond-proves-fleet-of-foot.aspx

Shiran part of panel discussion organized by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce on Brexit, IMF deal, 2016 outlook:,_IMF_deal,_2016_outlook-3-5570-1.html

Op-Ed in the Sunday Times on expectations for the economy in 2016:


Opinion piece on boom and bust cycle of the economy:

Ashini & Thilini on provincial and sector household income growth in Sri Lanka:

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