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Twisting Work Hours to get you Time Twister

We call it Time Twister, because of its core purpose of saving time. But the name is also reflective of how we “twist” work hours, well  away from the norm, to bring you the Time Twister as early as possible each day.

Five of our analysts often work at what most people would call “strange hours”, for about 7 hours each day to create the Time Twister.

One of them stays up late, often past 1 a.m., to capture comments on equity forum discussions, two others are up as early as 4 a.m.  to get the basic version of the daily ready, and two others are ready at the considerably less peculiar time of 5.30 a.m for a final source  check and update, making sure you get the email you see every week day around 7.30 a.m. At more “normal hours” two other team  members work on the Daily Mirror update. owl-lark

‘Science’ (you can call it pseudo-science if you like), has it that human beings function best at different times and for some, these times are not the usual working hours.

There are what you call Larks, who are morning people, and Owls, who work best at night and are next to useless in the morning.

The Time Twister is a product where Larks and Owls make best use of their work-time differences to add value
to clients.

At Frontier/Time Twister, we measure the value of what we do, by how we help people work better.

For our Clients: We provide The News; Summarized, Sorted, and Suited to them.

For our Team: We enable them to work at hours that are best suited for them.

Frontier i Reviews Curation Systems

Being in information curation we’re pretty enthusiastic about trying out different systems out there to see how they match up against each other and also vs our own preferred modus operandi of using human curators to do the bulk of our work.

In the age of the internet, information overload is a common problem faced by individuals with sophisticated informational needs. Highly specific news and media coverage is time consuming and is often missed by popular news websites and sources, which tend to primarily report on mainstream stories.

Frontier offers bespoke information curation services, provided by human curators. We believe that automated systems and algorithms can only do so much in terms of truly customized information.

Here’s a review of different systems we found and thought about, and here’s a study of some other players who offer more customized services.