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Over the last few weeks, we’ve shown you how some Top CEOs manage their email. Not inspired yet? Well, here are a few more tips you can use to manage your email:


  1. Use some copying etiquette. Unfortunately, there is little discretion used when considering whom to copy. State your intentions to others in the team.  Tell them to take you off the list if no longer interested or necessary.
  1. Use signatures to save time. I often get solicited with column ideas and opportunities. For many of these, I have standard responses. That way I don’t have to spend time retyping text or trying to remember what to say.
  1. Manage communication appropriately. Accept that email is probably your primary form of communication and it deserves focused time. That being said, it’s not always the appropriate choice. If a topic is complex, or tempers are high, a face-to-face or phone call may be the better choice.

Too much email is not the culprit for poor productivity; it’s a symptom of not delegating, poor communication, or trying unsuccessfully to multitask. Either integrate specific, focused emailing periods in your day, or set aside large blocks of time.


And with that, our email management series has come to a close. We hope these will help you come out from under that mountain of mail and become a master of efficiency!

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