The Story of Time Twister

We’ve narrated it before and here we are re-iterating for the curious: “The story of the Time Twister”.

We’re on a mission to save your time and here’s how Time Twister evolved from a simple internal update to your daily dose of time efficient info. 


Given how critical it is to be fully informed, before the Local News Daily, every team member at Frontier went through several news sources individually, for very similar information, which in retrospect was not the best use of our time as a team.

Looking for something better, we set up a system for some team members to browse through a few critical sources of news and then disseminate it among the rest. Interestingly it was called “Amal’s Daily News Update

This worked out well and we started introducing this to our close acquaintances and clients. Great feedback was received and incorporated in the Daily most of you see today. This has included expanding the sources we go through significantly, having a much earlier timing, using different formats and adding specific sector based newsletters such as Spotlight: Real Estate Bi-WeeklySpotlight: Business and Finance and Spotlight: Health Sector Weekly.

We love to keep creating new products so that you almost never miss out on the stories or events you are keen to know about. Spotlight: Business Events Update and Spotlight: Social Events Update are two of these newsletters we recently started compiling on a weekly basis. And of course, the Deposit Rate Snapshot gives a quick snapshot of publicly published deposit rates of banks and finance companies every month. Interesting? We thought so too!

We learnt that different readers have different information needs. Some like it in one long email, others broken up in different ways. Some only want certain types of news, others would like the daily only when travelling. We cater to all this.


We will filter out the noise, so you hear what’s important to you, and deliver it in a way that works best for you. 

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