The Story of Time Twister

We are on a mission to solve your “No time” problem and here’s how Time Twister became one of the solutions!

Before Time Twister..

Our team members would spend an inordinate amount of time searching for up-to-date news on the latest Economic, Financial and Political developments, which is a key aspect of any research based firm. Every team member at Frontier used to go through several news sources individually for very similar information, which, in retrospect, was not the best use of our time as a team.

The early days..

We set up a system for some team members to browse through a few critical news sources which were then categorized and prioritized. The news was compiled into a newsletter which was then shared via email with the rest of the team. Interestingly, it was initially called “Amal’s Daily News Update”.

Some fine tuning required..

The email newsletter was a hit, and we started introducing it to our close friends and clients. We received great feedback, which helped develop the product to what you see today. Some of the critical changes that were done include:

Expanding our sources – We found out that many of our clients are starved for information and like to see different perspectives on news stories. Hence our Time Twister newsletter provides an exhaustive coverage of the Economic and Financial market related news which includes almost all the English language Sri Lankan news sources. Recently we started monitoring a few key Sinhala and Tamil newspapers and translating them to be included in the following day’s edition of Time Twister.

Early Delivery time – All our time twister news products are ready and waiting in your inbox by 8 a.m. which is one of its most appealing factors for its readers. We even have an “Early Daily Time Twister” which is sent out before 6 a.m. for those clients who prefer to get a head start on the news

Customization – We learnt that different readers have different information needs. Some like it in one long email, others prefer it broken up in different ways, others would like it only when travelling. We cater to all of these, allowing users to select which flavor of Time Twister they like best.

Time Twister Now..

While our news products may have changed and become more diverse since the days of “Amal’s Daily News Update”, our mission to filter out the noise and give you the most important news in a timely and convenient manner is unchanged.

We call it Time Twister because of its core purpose of saving time. But the name is also reflective of how we “twist” work hours, well away from the norm, to bring you Time Twister as early as possible each day.

‘Science’ (you can call it pseudo-science if you like), has it that human beings function best at different times and, for some, these times are not the usual working hours.

There are what you call Larks, who are morning people, and Owls, who work best at night and are next to useless in the morning.

Time Twister is a product where Larks and Owls make best use of their work-time differences to add value to clients.

Time Twister in numbers..

8 Time Twister team members ensure that you get the news you require, delivered to you 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

1 of them stays up late to capture comments on equity forum discussions, 2 others are up as early as 4.00 a.m. to get the basic version of Time Twister ready, and 2 others are ready at the considerably less peculiar time of 6.00 a.m. for a final source check and update. To ensure that we can overcome any hiccups, we even have 1 person acting as the ‘back-up’! We also have 2 additional team members taking up duty during the weekend to give the rest of the team a well-deserved break.

Looking to the future….

The good news is that we’ll keep improving, taking feedback from team members, clients and friends. Feel free to send us an email or give us a call if you have any suggestions.

Got something to say? Go for it!