Top 10 Ways to Be More Productive When Working from Home – Week 2

Working out of your own home. It’s the modern workers dream. But as anyone who has tried it can tell you, working in your pyjama’s isn’t as great as you’d imagine – productivity-wise at least.

If you’re someone who does work from home, this Focus is for you. Here are a few more ways to increase your productivity at home:


Block All Disturbances

The temptation to procrastinate or spend all day looking at cat GIFs is very strong when no one’s looking over your shoulder. Carve out space and time dedicated just to working.

Create a Focused Work Environment

The best tool for any worker: An environment that lets you focus. For many, that will be a dedicated room with a door (to shut out family members and also close at the end of the day). Also important: the right lighting, desk setup, and noise control.

Switch Up Your Office Location

Sometimes the best way to work remotely to not work from home. Tap into the creative buzz at a coffee shop or find some camaraderie at a coworking space. Perhaps play “Workstation Popcorn” to boost your focus and take advantage of your ability to work from anywhere.

Force Yourself to Stop Working

Slacking off might be the biggest fear you and your manager will have before you start working from home. For many of us, though, the biggest problem is overworking and burning out. Make stopping work easier on yourself with little tricks like setting an alarm for the end of the day, setting appointments at the end of the day, and making a pact with yourself to protect your downtime.

Create a Routine and Set Boundaries

I’ve been working from home for over 15 years. I’ve had my productivity highs and lows. The best thing I’ve ever done for my productivity? Scheduling my days and weeks around my energy. Daily rituals and a morning routine help too.


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